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For several decades, one could already enjoy a delicious but insidious Haeseveld beer of 11vol% alc. However, this beer was not brewed on site at the time.

The idea of giving the haeseveld beer its own cradle and accommodating a professional brewery in this renewed site started to grow.


The brewhouse is German-made and has 20 HL brewing kettles. With 200 brewing days per year, an annual volume of 4000 HL Haeseveld beer can be brewed in the first phase. In a second phase this can be increased to 8000 HL.

The fermentation and maturation cellar currently has six cylindroconic tanks of 20 HL and 40 HL. Once the beers are finished, they are stored in cold pouring tanks that are directly connected to the taps in the beer house and the event location.
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Without nature, Haeseveld Brewery cannot brew its beers. That is why Haeseveld not only focuses on tasty and unique beer, but also contributes to sustainable brewing of our beers.
To achieve this goal, we make use of solar energy and use sustainable ingredients.
This way, we not only ensure the future of Haeseveld, but everything that nature has to offer.

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Discover how Brouwerij Haeseveld goes from ingredients to beer in their brewing process.
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